What to expectWe invite all who join us to approach each class session with "beginner's mind". Through deep listening the experience is enriched, opening the path to a more profound practice.

It is best to arrive about 10 minutes before class begins to warm up or to take care of any administrative business. It is encouraged to begin your class time with Standing Meditation, a time to physically align the body, calm the mind and prepare to bring full focus to each lesson. Following this, instruction includes a combination of group practice, demonstration, individual corrections and question and answer time. Physical strength is gained through holding postures while the body learns to find each position.

Each class closes with a traditional salute, embodying the concepts inherent in this discipline:

  • There is no number one.
  • We honor all tribes on the planet.
  • We don't believe in fighting, we do martial arts on the inside.
  • We send our salute from the heart.

Students are encouraged to deepen their skills through daily practice. The atmosphere is welcoming and supportive and the curriculum is appropriate for all fitness and experience levels. Individual capabilities and goals are respected and each student is encouraged to work to the best of his/her ability.