Code of Ethics

It is with deep respect that I pledge to adhere to the traditional code of ethics of the Chen family lineage.- Derryl Willis (Direct Student of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang)

    Requirements of Character of the Chen Family Code of Ethics
  • Duan: Propriety, dignity of bearing
  • Gong: Fairness, impartiality
  • Ren: Kindness, benevolence
  • Hao: Nobility, broad mindedness
  • Zhong: Loyalty, faithfulness
  • Cheng: Honesty, sincerity
  • Jing: Respect, esteem for one's teachers and elders
  • Zheng: Integrity, decency
  • Ji: Righteousness, what is right
  • Yong: Bravery, ready to fight for a just cause
  • Xin: Trustworthiness, good faith
  • De: Morality, ethical conduct
    The “Twenty Prohibitions” of the Chen Family Code of Ethics
  • Do not assert authority at the expense of others.
  • Do not be cowed by aggression and do not suppress others.
  • Do not fear for oneself, come to the aid of others in danger.
  • Do not break the law.
  • Do not use martial arts for inappropriate purpose.
  • Do not take advantage of your status to become arrogant.
  • Do not display your skills in an inappropriate setting.
  • Do not seek out dubious companions.
  • Do not wallow in luxury, or live a pauper's existence.
  • Do not be prideful or boastful.
  • Do not get into arguments with a crazy or violent person.
  • Do not argue with the ignorant.
  • Do not be influenced by others based on their possessions.
  • Do not covet illicit wealth.
  • Do not indulge in substance abuse or lust.
  • Do not refuse to pay any public or private obligations.
  • Do not use public office for personal ends.
  • Do not be seduced by power.
  • Do not be a traitor.
  • Do not neglect your training.